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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Will fruits and vegetables grown with Excelerite® improve the taste?

Yes, the added minerals provide improved taste over fruits and vegetables grown in low mineral soil.

Does Excelerite have the same levels of Nitrous Oxide leaching risk as fertilizers?

NO, Excelerite® is 100% ECO friendly.

Does Excelerite® recommend the use of pesticides as a grower?

No, Excelerite® does not recommend the use of pesticides, when using Excelerite Minerals.

Does Excelerite® grown mean I am eating organic fruits and vegetables?

No, unless the fruits and vegetables are grown by a Certified Organic grower.

In what varying quantities does USREM make Excelerite® for AG available?

Our Excelerite® AG line, from small-scale family farming to large-scale industrial operations, is available in all quantities from the larger end of our bagged line (25 & 50lb buckets) to 1-Ton Totes and Bulk hopper trucks to international shipping containers. For inquiries regarding large orders contact us directly at Phone Icon1.800.920.7507 Extension 1. Visit our AGRICULTURE product section here to learn more.

How was Excelerite® formed?

Excelerite® is a unique rich mineral sediment that was captured over millions of years in a giant caldera that initially filled up with ocean water and then later filled up with fresh highly mineralized lake water that was fed by a Geothermal spring and natural rain and snow run off that carried rich Volcanic mineral soil into the Caldera. Over 100's of thousands of years the Caldera was eroded at one end and the water flowed out and left one of the Richest Source of Chelated Trace Minerals anywhere on earth for USREM to mine, market, and distribute in its natural form all over our increasingly mineral depleted world.

Is the AG Excelerite® the same as the Human and Animal Excelerite®?

The AG Excelerite® is closer to the earth's surface and therefore contains higher level of Silica for growing stronger,larger,and more temperature resistant roots, stalks, and stems.

How much Excelerite® is too much?

Excelerite® will not burn your plants.Use it as needed to maintain the plants health. A little goes a long way.

Does Excelerite® replace NPK Fertilizers?

No. When used as directed it will reduce the amount of NPK needed to grow strong healthy crops in some cases by over 50%. This can vary depending upon how mineral depleted the AG soil is onto which Excelerite® is being applied. Some experimentation is needed to achieve optimum balance.

Is their a local Distributor in my area who handles Excelerite®?

We are opening up Distributors all over the world. Tell us where you live and we will help you to get the product even if we do not have a distributor in your country or area. You can also visit - Excelerite Retail Locations - to find an location near you. If you would like to become a distributor please visit our Excelerite Dealer Inquiry.