Excelerite gets to the root of agriculture problems

Healthier Planet – Healthier People

World health and agriculture science sources have noted an alarming decline in the nutrient density of the world’s produce over the past 40 years. At the very same time, leading nutritional researchers are targeting dietary nutrient and mineral deficiencies as likely contributors to an epidemic of unprecedented health disorders worldwide. The fact is that an extremely high percentage of our world’s agricultural top-soils that have not already been lost to erosion have become dangerously depleted of their original minerals and micro-nutrients. These natural complexes are essential to optimal soil fertility and sustainable productivity. Clearly, this is a global problem requiring a global solution.

Rare deposits of rich mineral complexes in their natural forms do exist. However, they are rarely as commercially available and in as potent of a form as Excelerite. Further, most humans, plants and animals in our ever-expanding world population centers do not enjoy easy and affordable access to these resources. And of no less concern is the mounting toxicity of the world’s soils that are now experiencing the devastating effects of excess artificial fertilization. Through runoff, precious waterways, lakes, and oceans are also impacted. These conditions are destroying the balance of our ecosystem.

However, there is good news at hand. Leading agronomists, especially those focused on the emerging soil sciences of “bio-remediation” and “sustainable agriculture,” have discovered that the process of restoring the natural health, richness, and productivity to the world’s agricultural soils can be greatly aided through remineralization. By making a pure, rich, and highly assimilable source of Mother Nature’s own natural mineral and micro-nutrient complexes available worldwide at affordable prices, the leadership, distributors, and shareholders of U.S. Rare Earth Minerals, Inc. contribute daily to this important emerging market and global mission.

The Genesis of Excelerite 

Excelerite originates from a geothermal active “caldera”, or volcanic crater region, which over millions of years, first began as an ocean bed and later as a lake bed, collected, trapped, and filtered an incredibly rich ancient variety of essential minerals and micro and macronutrients.

The mineral and nutrient compounds that comprise Excelerite have a multi-century reputation for being remarkably supportive of human, animal and agricultural health. From the time that Indians inhabited Nevada, select portions of this rare earth have been the source of story lore about powerful healing abilities. In fact, it is often told that when pioneers were traveling through Nevada and settling the west, their mules would literally pull off from the wagon train to paw at and eat from the dirt, which delivered restorative results that were apparently stunning.