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Honeybees and Agriculture

The unexplained rise in honeybee deaths – mainly due to high winter losses in honeybee colonies in the EU, and ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ (CCD) in the USA – has become an issue of great concern. As honeybees are one of the most important pollinators for wild plants and crops, they are closely linked to both [...]

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Soil Quality / Health Management

Six components of soil quality / soil health management: Choosing specific practices within each component depends on the situation since different types of soil respond differently to the same practice. Each combination of soil type and land use calls for a different set of practices to enhance soil quality. […]

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Drought Affecting Food Prices In 2013

The drought that affected crops in the Midwest this past summer is making its presence felt at the grocery store. It had substantial and devastating impacts on the major field crops of the American Midwest. […]

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Garden Tip: Soil amendments impact soil test results

Gardeners already know the importance of testing their garden beds every few years. If soil amendments are added annually, then the soil test should be done more often to be sure that nutrient levels and, just as important, the pH level are still within an acceptable range, said University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator Richard [...]

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Minerals are inorganic elements. Minerals cannot be produced or synthesized, by plants or animals. Minerals are essential for health. By far the body’s two most abundant minerals are calcium and phosphorus, which together comprise of approximately 75 percent of the entire body mineral make-up. […]

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All life begins in the soils

In 1992 earth summit report, reviewed the extent to which the worlds farm and range has been depleted in the last 100 years. When they listed this data by continent, North America was the most seriously depleted. Our soil has lost 85% of its mineral content through the use of modern farming practices. […]

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Depletion in the US

The soil makes the plant If it’s not in the soil it’s not in the plant or animal or human. The quality of health, vigor, intelligence and so on of every living organism depends on the protoplasm of life in the soil, which is itself dependent upon the availability of mineral elements from rock. [...]

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