Excelerite Flowers

Excelerite flowers look better Randy K. of Bend Oregon sent us his photo of his Amaryllis grown with Excelerite®. He stated “He has not been able to get it to flower for years.” Ursula C. shows orchids grown with Excelerite®. Not only they are 4” across blooms, but now they bloom 4 or 5 times [...]

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Excelerite Green Beans

Greener, tastier Green Beans Idaho Excelerite bean farmer shows his results (in the Photo below) the difference between using Excelerite® and without using. […]

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Hawaii Corn

Corn silk like you have never seen In 2012, a Excelerite® customer located on the Big island on Hawaii had sent us this photo of corn grown with Excelerite®. […]

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Christmas Cactus

Perfect year round Daniel DeChynne had explained to US-REM that for the last few years his Christmas Cactus has only had 1 or 2 blooms. After applying Excelerite® Daniel stated “We used Excelerite® and look!” […]

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Beautiful Flowers

Flowers with more color Phelon C. Jr., After using Excelerite® on his indoor and outdoor plants, has now found a new hobby. As you can see in the photos below, he says that his flowers have never looked so beautiful and vibrant. […]

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Copper Leaf Maintaince

Lawn care made easy Marc Mills owner of Copper Leaf Grounds Maintenance, said that one of his accounts had some type of a disease on the grass as well as the other plants. The flowers as seen in the photo were turning brown as well as the grass. […]

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Kansas Drought Corn

Corn thrives in drought with Excelerite Kansas Agricultural Statistics Services is forecasting the smallest corn crop in Kansas since 2006 amidst a deepening drought. The Agency reported Friday that it expects Kansas growers to bring in 390.6 million bushels of corn that is down 13 percent from last year. […]

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Excelerite Sunflowers

Sunflowers like you have never seen We had applied Excelerite® to our sunflowers after we had already thought that they had matured, Well to our surprise they grew up to the second story of our house. […]

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Eastern Oregon Hay

Farmers Hay fields transformed Harry Stangel had applied Excelerite® five years ago to two areas of his Hay Fields. As seen in the photo on the bottom; driving his tractor spreading the Excelerite®. Now Five years later without any use of Fertilizer this field is still very green, and producing a lot of hay for [...]

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