Our goal is to focus on soil health, nutrition, sustainability and efficiency. Emphasis is on constant improvement in the health for people, land, plants and animals. We want to provide a product that increases the yield of any crop in any climate, while maintaining high quality and high nutritional values. The product would sharply reduce insect infestations and diseases, so plants would thrive healthily with all of the nutrients they need. Plants’ immune systems and soil will also become strong and healthy, as insects and disease avoid the strongest, healthiest plants. Animals and people consuming the plants would get the most nutritious food possible. People will stop overeating because their bodies will not crave essential minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids, or lipids. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and the autoimmune diseases will become things of the past. Children will grow up able to develop to their full genetic potential; their intelligence and strength will no longer be limited by malnutrition or toxic chemicals. Fewer acres of cropland will be required to feed more people and animals. The emphasis will shift from harvested tonnage to harvested nutrition for the world.