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Founded in 2010, U.S. Rare Earth Minerals, Inc. (commonly, “Rare Earth Minerals”) and incorporated under the laws of the state of Nevada, is a publicly traded corporation (OTCQB:USMN), headquartered in Panaca, Nevada, USA.

We own the exclusive mining, marketing, and distribution rights to a range of natural mineral products under the brand name EXCELERITE®, which are packaged and sold in the United States and around the world. Our naturally occurring chelated minerals, carefully mined from an ancient, geothermally active, ocean/lakebed caldera basin in southeastern Nevada, are among some of the richest bio-available deposits known and commercially available worldwide.

Our mission at U.S. Rare Earth Minerals, Inc. is to play a significant role in the enhancement of soil, plant, animal, and human health throughout the world by ensuring the quality, availability, and affordability of our expanding, all-natural, EXCELERITE® and MicroEXCELERITE® product lines.

Unprecedented Emerging Global Opportunity

Panaca Source

The long-term health and productivity of agriculture lands throughout the world are being severely compromised by the progressive depletion of the natural essential mineral complexes, which were originally disbursed globally throughout topsoils.

Questionable practices like deep-till plowing and mono-crop planting continue to this day, and, as a result, it may indeed be true that some amount of artificial, petro-chemical, fertilization may be required. However, the cutting edge of sustainability-minded soil science is absolutely clear: natural mineral fertilizers like EXCELERITE® will play an ever-growing role in soil remediation and productivity fortification in the decades to come.

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