Excelerite® Restoration Minerals

These essential panaca source chelated minerals and nutrients can improve germination, root formation, plant growth, and crop yield, providing better tasting, more nutrient-dense produce for all your agricultural needs

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Essential minerals and nutrients, such as those found in Excelerite® products, have been reported to dramatically improve the productivity of soils, the yield of crops. When analyzing Excelerite®, multiple labs in the United States have reported a spectrum of essential dietary minerals and range of micro and macro nutrients statistically rare and highly prized in the remineralization industry worldwide.

Applying Excelerite® to a pasture in Bend, Oregon

Rejuvenate your soil in three powerful ways

Discover a 100% natural soil supplement that is effective, affordable, and supportive of long-term soil health and productivity.

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Excelerite® Restoration Minerals | Remineralized Crop

Naturally Sourced

One of nature’s finest micro-nutrient complexes – directly from our ancient lake bed source to your fields, gardens, and home.


Excelerite® Restoration Minerals | Bio-Available Nutrients


Excelerite®’s naturally chelated minerals translate to enhanced bio-availability to feed soil biology and serve the health of plants.


Excelerite® Restoration Minerals | Restored Soil


Excelerite’s rich combination of diverse bio-available chelated minerals and nutrients delivers farmers a supplement of rare potency.


Natural enrichment is the key.

Excelerite® Restoration Minerals | Crops rich with natural nutrients
We deliver our pure Ag-grade Excelerite®® from our ancient Nevada source to farms like yours all across this great country and around the world. Farmers spread these soil-ready essential minerals and nutrients with the full confidence of knowing that Excelerite®® is a 100% natural, non-toxic and pH neutral (6.7-7.3) soil amendment with remarkable implications for the long-term success of your farm, reputation of your produce, and health of our planet.


Fast, affordable results.

Excelerite® Restoration Minerals | Excelerite® Wheat crop
Excelerite’s impact is quite impressive to behold. In fact just this year, vineyard owner and Chairman of the Central Oregon Wine Growers Association, Mr. Doug Maragas, recorded an unprecedented 79% yield increase. (See Testimonials) Excelerite®®, available in easy to transport and use 1-Ton Totes, currently comes in a ready-to-spread dry powder form and development of a sprayable solution is currently underway. Unlike most other soil supplements artificial and natural, Excelerite®® is not crushed, blended, or modified in any manner from its natural composition and original potency. So rest assured, this powerful soil amendment comes to you just as Mother Nature, over tens of millions of years, has created it.


Excelerite® Application Rates

Excelerite® Restoration Minerals | Corn remineralized with Excelerite®

LARGE ACREAGE / FARMS – Add 500 lbs. of Excelerite® per acre if applied as dry powder. It may also be liquefied prior to application for more rapid results. It can also be mixed with 2 to 5% per ton of compost or fertilizer.

Excelerite® Application Instructions,View the pdf

Multiple Benefits. One product.

Excelerite® Restoration Minerals | Excelerite® Agriculture Pail

A groundswell of new agro-science research around the world is uncovering clear connections between soil purity, produce nutritional value, human health, and ecosystem resilience. The benefits of remineralizing as part of a total sustainable farming plan go far beyond the realistic goals of decreasing supplement spending, increasing yield, and enhancing nutrient density. Findings further suggest that when plants have access to a wide variety of essential, bio-available, minerals and nutrients they are more able to tolerate greater temperature and rainfall fluctuates and better defend against pests and disease.

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