Excelerite for a more healthy you

Enjoy our all natural minerals, spa-grade health & beauty clay for luxurious and soothing facial masques or rejuvenating whole body mineral wraps.

Rejuvenate your skin in three powerful ways

Discover an age-old luxurious ancient beauty secret that exfoliates, feeds, firms, and tones and your skin, resulting in a deeply cleansed, refreshed, and more youthful-looking complexion.

Gently Exfoliating

Dead cells are gently exfoliated, enabling the natural process of renewal of cells. Minerals are perfect for all skin types!

Naturally Nourishing

Impurities are gently pulled from the pores, inviting a healthy replenishment of your skin’s natural oils.

Noticeably Toning

Users of our Facial Masque and Body Wrap products report that their skin feels soothed, clean, and refreshed.

Beautifying the Skin

Cultures around the world have revered clay for centuries for its natural healing properties. It stimulates circulation, tightens skin, exfoliates, cleanses and refines pores.

Professional Grade Solutions

The finest spas in the world use powdered clays for both facial masks and body masks due to the fact that it can absorb oil and harmful toxins. Mineral clays have been used everywhere from the Calistoga Springs to the finest salons in France.

The Science Behind Clay Masks

Each clay particle carries an electrical charge. Clay magnetically draws in particles, and this is where the absorption of toxins takes place.

Results that Speak for Themselves

When essential nutrients and oxygen are provided to the skin, the results can be transformative. No matter what your skin type may be, Excelerite will leave you glowing.

The ancient art of natural “masques”

EXCELERITE has remarkable applications as a salon grade clay beauty treatment. This powerful cleanser can be effectively used to detox the body and build up the immune system. Our mud is made from the pure minerals derived from U.S. Rare Earth Minerals’ Inc. exclusive access to a rare ancient oceanbed in Panaca, Nevada. It can be used for a variety of healing and rejuvenating applications including as a mud bath, skin treatment and exfoliating agent. Mud treatments are no longer just for women, as universally people have found that their ability to pull toxins from the skin is remarkable. Indigenous tribes around the world have been aware of this secret and utilized clay as a medical treatment for generations. For centuries, different cultures have been using similar treatments to cure illness.

Our Excelerite clay treatment has this impressive ability to naturally detoxify the intestines and support immune function. This therapeutic product can assist with inflammatory issues, such as back pain and arthritis. When combined with hot water, the pores open up and Excelerite removes toxins from the body. As a result, it can also help heal skin conditions like acne and eczema. Whether applied to the face or to the body, Excelerite allows for deep relaxation and provides a sense of indulgence, refreshment and renewal. Our powerful mineral treatment naturally relaxes muscles and joints and improves circulation. The experience of using Excelerite naturally calms the body, mind and spirit.

A deep, detoxifying, refreshment.

Safe, natural, and affordable

Salons worldwide have found that they can successfully utilize Excelerite to provide a unique “getaway vacation” for clients. This can come in the form of body treatments and masks. This luxurious treatment is popular among high-end clientele seeking a healing and reinvigorating experience. Excelerite has a variety of applications for beauty purposes. When a mask is applied to the skin, it has an exfoliating effect, which leaves skin hydrated and looking smoother and younger. Those who use Excelerite as a beauty treatment will find that it not only makes skin softer and more toned, but also that it improves the functionality of the whole body. Through use of our  Excelerite beauty products, the entire body will be left feeling rejuvenated and renewed. 


One of the world’s richest mineral groups – straight from our exclusive Panaca Source to you.

Excelerite’s 100% Pure Calcium Montmorillonite Clay Facial Masque, obtained from the Panaca Source. There is no other source that compares.