Essential Nutrition

Like when plants are struggling for survival growing in poor soils, we humans also suffer in numerous ways through the long-term consumption of mineral and nutrient deficient produce that’s been grown in depleted soils.

Long-Term Effects

One major keys to overcoming these challenges worldwide, whether in the case of depleted agricultural topsoil’s or challenges to optimum human health, is through a global embrace of the power, the science, and the emerging industry of remineralization.

Your Health

The types of minerals and nutrients found in EXCELERITE® are seen by agronomists to be mission critical in the building of optimum micro-biological diversity and soil fertility.


U.S. Rare Earth Minerals, Inc. is proud to offer a select, specially mined, and FDA lab purified and bottled form of EXCELERITE® called MicroEXCELERITE®. Like all our EXCELERITE®-based products, this supplement comes to you 100% pure and natural with no blending, fillers, or additives. We screen select extractions of our famous Panaca Source™ down to a super-fine mesh, then purify, capsulize, and bottle under the strictest of FDA controlled laboratory facilities. This freshly produced natural wonder is then sent to valued customers worldwide.

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