Improving your health today

There is a profound relationship between the maintenance of optimal health and access to a spectrum of chelated minerals and bio-available nutrients.


Rejuvenate your health in three powerful ways

Although the actual amount of trace minerals your body needs is relatively small, the impact on wellness and longevity is massive.

Essential & Bioavailable

Essential minerals and nutrients like those found in Excelerite encourage healthy performance, immunity, and development.

Naturally Full-Spectrum

The diversity of health supportive minerals in Micro-Excelerite combat nutrient deficiency and optimize bodily health.

Detoxifying & Rejuvenating

The diversity of health-supportive minerals in Micro-Excelerite combat a nutrient deficiency and optimize bodily health.

The Value of Mineral Supplementation

Until world agricultural soils are sufficiently remineralized, taking mineral supplements is essential.

Promoting Healthy Microorganisms

The types of minerals and nutrients found in Excelerite are seen by agronomists to be mission-critical in the building of optimum micro-biological diversity and soil fertility.

Essential Nutrition

Like when plants are struggling for survival growing in poor soils, we humans also suffer in numerous ways through the long-term consumption of mineral and nutrient deficient produce that’s been grown in depleted soils.

Long-Term Effects

One major key to overcoming these challenges worldwide, whether in the case of depleted agricultural topsoil’s or challenges to optimum human health, is through a global embrace of the power, the science, and the emerging industry of remineralization.

Direct from Mother Nature to you

U.S. Rare Earth Minerals, Inc. is proud to offer a select, specially mined, and FDA lab purified and bottled form of Excelerite calledMicro-Excelerite. Like all our Excelerite based products, this supplement comes to you 100% pure and natural with no blending, fillers, or additives. We screen select extractions of our famous Panaca Source down to a super-fine mesh, then purify, capsulize, and bottle under the strictest of FDA controlled laboratory facilities. This freshly produced natural wonder is then sent to valued customers worldwide.


Micro-Excelerite is one of the highest quality bio-available essential mineral supplements available. As a 100% natural, broad-spectrum, non-toxic, and pH neutral mineral nutrient complex, Micro-Excelerite is easily digested, readily metabolized, and assimilated where and as needed throughout bodily systems. Hundreds of millions of people around the world, suffer – knowingly or not and to greater and lessor degrees – from a deficiency of optimal dietary minerals and nutrients. If these symptoms, which can include lack of energy, mental fogginess, frequent fatigue, and poor exertion recovery, are not addressed early enough through adequate supplementation, serious illnesses can develop. Essential minerals not only regulate critical body functions like heart rhythm and nervous system conductivity, but also handle issues like the regulation of the balance of water in the body.


An ancient source for modern times

A naturally vibrant and healthier you

When U.S. and International nutritional experts and dietary scientists have compared the nutrient density of standard agricultural produce today vs. half a century ago, they have found that average modern grocery shopper is currently bringing home fruits and vegetables possessing over 65% less the nutrient value (presence of essential vitamins, minerals and other valued nutrients). Clearly, as the sustainable agricultural movements and their embrace of remineralization catches up with the growing public demand for high-quality, organic, nutrient dense produce, the demand for natural, mineral rich, supplements likeMicro-Excelerite can be expected to steadily rise. 


One of the world’s richest mineral groups – straight from our exclusive Panaca Source to you.


Micro-Excelerite contains a wide-spectrum of bio-available minerals and nutrients reported to exhibit a wide variety of beneficial health effects. For an adult 3 to 4 capsules daily is recommended.