Remineralize your flowers, garden, and lawn today.

There is a secret to having great soil. Achieve the perfect balance nature intended with the introduction of our 100% natural blend of ancient minerals and nutrients.

Rejuvenate your favorite indoor and outdoor plants in three powerful ways.

Weekend gardeners and professionals alike report being astounded by Excelerite’s fast-acting and remarkable results.

Spectacular Flowering

Expect stronger rooting, earlier sprouting, increased blooms, intensified fragrance, and more vibrant colors.

Incredible Yield

US Rare Earth Mineral, Inc. has personally help to hand-pick, weigh, and document a 79% grape yield increase at Maragas Vineyards.

Amazing Flavor

Fresh produce from garden soils enriched by these ancient minerals are famous for their rich aromas and incredible flavors.

Soil Fertility

The minerals and nutrients in Excelerite support healthy microorganisms, and it is these biologically active soils that feed optimal plant growth. Healthy soils mean healthy plants.

Nutrient Density

Minerals and trace elements are the core building blocks for healthy fruits, vegetables, and herbs with optimum nutrient density. Healthy plants mean healthy people.

Grow More

With the help of Excelerite, houseplants flower and thrive, landscaping is verdant and lush, and gardens deliver nutritious bumper crops.

The power of bio-available minerals.

Beyond sufficient sun, air, and water, plants require a broad spectrum of essential minerals and nutrients to really thrive. Plants will be less likely to demonstrate optimal health, beauty, or productivity to the degree that their soils are lacking these essential elements. The fact is that as an all-natural ancient, broad-spectrum, and bio-available “mineral fertilizer”, EXCELERITE® provides the home gardener and pro alike with one of the finest soil amendments available worldwide.


When soil experts and assay technicians refer to EXCELERITE®containing a wide variety of minerals in their “chelated” form, they are referring to a natural modification of the minerals that greatly enhance the bio-availability (or ease of absorption) of the mineral’s value to the microorganisms in the soil and eventual uptake into the plants themselves. We believe it is exactly this combination of wide spectrum essential minerals and nutrients being made available in this naturally chelated, highly assimilable form that accounts for the impressive results our customers report. Whether for your indoor plants (flowers, decorative plants, kitchen herbs), your landscape plants (lawn, shrubs, trees), or for the cornucopia of prized summer fruits and veggies from your family garden, the natural power of this ancient life-giving source is simply remarkable.


The power of bio-available minerals.

Healthy plants have natural defenses.

While the kind of essential minerals and nutrients present in EXCELERITE® support richer garden soils and healthier, more productive plants, it will also provide them with a substantial assortment of the nutritive compounds plants rely on to produce their own natural disease resistance and repel pests. Plants naturally have within their respective genetic make-up the innate capacity to defend against a wide variety of natural challenges including heat waves, cold snaps, rainy and dry seasons, would-be invaders and competitive species. However, plants require these core “building blocks” of life – the rich diversity present in Excelerite® – to express these wondrous natural capacities. 


One of the world’s richest mineral groups – straight from our exclusive Panaca Source to you.

Excelerite Lawn and Garden

Excelerite is a 100% natural chelated remineralizer delivered direct from our Panaca Source™ to you. Internationally recognized one of the world’s most diverse, potent, and versatile of natural mineral deposits commercially available.