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Hay and Water Buffalo

Better looking buffalo and hay Dan’s herd of Water Buffalo never looked so good and healthy after eating Excelerite®. [...]

Kansas Drought Corn

Corn thrives in drought with Excelerite Kansas Agricultural Statistics Services is forecasting the smallest corn crop in Kansas since 2006 [...]

Excelerite Sunflowers

Sunflowers like you have never seen We had applied Excelerite® to our sunflowers after we had already thought that they [...]

Eastern Oregon Hay

Farmers Hay fields transformed Harry Stangel had applied Excelerite® five years ago to two areas of his Hay Fields. As [...]

Excelerite Corn

Growing amazing corn Caldwell, Idaho – Rolland stands in is 180 acres of corn in one of the worst droughts [...]

Excelerite Basil

Tropical Basil August 2012 Maui, Hawaii our customer sent in photo. This strain is the [...]

Mouth Watering Garlic

Garlic like you have never seen Our customer located on the Big island on Hawaii had sent in this photo [...]

Excelerite Tomatoes

Tantilizing Red Tomatoes In Caldwell, Idaho. Farmer, Nate Marks sent us in photos of his tomato plants. He stated “My [...]


Bigger and better tasting In Bend, Oregon a backyard gardener sends in a photo to show how large his zucchini [...]

Delano Citrus

Amazing citrus made more so with Excelerite Andy Z. swears in notarized statement that his apparently dead and dying Naval [...]

Beaverton Flowers

Enrich your gardens look Ursula had applied Excelerite® to her Lilies. She says that Lilies grew between 7 1/2 feet [...]

White Buffalo

Sacred World Peace Alliance Cynthia Hart-Button, President/ Founder are the caretakers of 14 white & 3 brown buffalo. After we [...]

Bend Oregon Corn

Better soil, better crop Curt decided to do his own backyard test with Excelerite®. As you can see in the [...]

Banana Tree

Going Bananas Shelly D. applied Excelerite® to a store bought Banana tree. She says that it was not very long [...]

Gresham Garden

Plants need minerals too Dave has been using Excelerite® for over 2 years now and he uses it on everything. [...]

Kansas Soybeans

Over 100% increase in Soybeans Mr. Bruce Schulz, of Parsons Kansas, tested an application of Excelerite® Bulk-Ag on 150 acres [...]

Caldwell Corn

20% increase in Crop Rolland stands in is 180 acres of corn that he calls abused corn. Here is his [...]

Lettuce – Gresham Oregon

From wilted to thriving This past summer, Dave, from Milwaukie, Oregon, purposely purchased some wilted, sun damaged lettuce starter’s from [...]

Los Gatos Vineyard

2012 Los Gatos, CA Bob Hall applied 1000 pounds per acre of Excelerite to his newly planted vineyard. His first [...]

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