Great Hay Remineralized

Terry Duffin drives his tractor on his 10 acres after using Excelerite®. He stated “IT WAS SO THICK, THAT I HAD TO GEAR DOWN INTO 2ND, WHICH I HAD NEVER HAD TO DO BEFORE”. This is a weed-less hay field that is periodically inspected be the Oregon State Dept of Ag. This crop was now 9 years old which he was told be the state that he should plow and re-seed the field.

Over the years the best tonnage that he could get was 20 tons per cutting per acre. After hearing about Excelerite® he had applied 500 lb. per acre during October, just before winter. What he had noticed that in spring that his hay was already15’ to 17’ tall, which compared to his neighbor of 7’ tall. In the (photo top left) you can see the before and after using Excelerite®, that the bare spots completely filled in. Normally he would get 2 cuttings in the high desert but now he gets 3, and not only that my tonnage increased to 36 tons per cutting compared to the best I ever had of 20 tons.

As you can see in the (photo below) the hay was very tall and dark green. The next year without adding anything to my field, my tonnage had increased to 38 tons per cutting. My horses love to eat hay but now after feeding them the treated hay with Excelerite® they do not eat as much hay.

I love what Excelerite® has done for my crop, and my Livestock.

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