M&M AG Supply Corn

Middleton ID – Excelerite distributor Nathan Marks of M&M Ag Supply in Nampa, ID shows off his customers amazing corn test plot results Callaghan Farm.

With an application rate of Excelerite @ 1,000 lb. per acre, and this year being a very dry year, the word is spreading about the corn fields, as well as other Excelerite crops.

The corn that has been treated with Excelerite is 2 to 3 feet taller than the non treated, it is darker green, and has a few more and larger husks.

Nate stated  “was very sporadic , non consistent and this was the best corn location in the non treated side”. The photos were taken at the same time, both crops planted at the same time, with the same watering, the only difference is that last year the one side was treated with Excelerite.