M&M Ag Supply Oats

Cambridge ID – Excelerite distributor Nathan Marks of M&M Ag Supply in Nampa, ID shows off the amazing results from his customers 110 acre test plot of Oats.

After applying Excelerite @ 800 lbs. per acre and having another very dry year in the region, the word of mouth is spreading quickly about the oat field results, as well as other Excelerite crops.

What really makes this crop so exciting, is the fact that during the whole growing season, the oats have only been watered twice. In fact these photos were taken on July 15th, and as green as they are, have not been watered since June 10th and are still showing no signs of slowing down.

As you can see in the pdf, the blades are 1 inch wide, very dark green, full of nutrients, 56 inches tall with some of the best heads they have ever seen. This oat crop should only be waist high in normal or good conditions. Other nearby ranches, under the same water conditions, are only a couple of feet high or as Nate stated “to the top of my boots, brown with very dry stems.”
M&M now has the attention of the other large farmers in the area and is reportedly expecting a large increase in Fall orders.