Bigger and healthier pines

What you see here is 4 Mugo Pines that are 9 years old on a sloped driveway. A customer Mark Desjardins had used a handful of Excelerite on one of them. This is a photo after 2 1⁄2 months, as you can see the Mugo doubled in size. The plants to the left starting growing after Excelerite had washed down into the other pines.
A year later Mark had the Mugo Pine professionally trimmed, the bush was so large that he could not see over the fence when backing up. The landscaper commented on how healthy the Mugo was and he is now using Excelerite on all of his customer’s yards. Excelerite.”

Test Specifications

Application Target: Mugo Pines
Application Rate: 1 cup
Normal Yield: 2- 2.5’ (feet)
Excelerite Yield: 4- 5’ (feet)
Net Yield Increase: over 100% in 21/2 months

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Bigger and more healthy pines