Minerals effect in a different region

This particular test was a 2.24-Acre test that was in the process of being Re-claimed. For the past 20+ years no sustainable crop had been planted as a result of the soil being heavily sodium rich, meaning sailing levels were off the charts and much traditional ground work, leaching of the soil, Gypsum application needed to be done. Due to the recent economic downturn the field was fallowed with an existing Barley Crop for approx. 7 months. As a result of fallowing various weeds were allowed to return such as Salt Cedar and Russian thistle predominately. These weeds being very salt tolerant clearly pointing out that the salinity levels were increasing again and the weeds were on an average 4’- 5’ tall and very thick.

For the purpose of Research using the Excelerite, the decision was made to continue soil reclamation of the site and plant a Barley cover crop. We began with pre-irrigating the ground to help facilities clean up. We then used a heavy Disc (24” plates) to knock down all the weeds. We disked one way and cross-disked the other. We did not re-laser level the field. We then lightly irrigated the field and disked the remaining green matter into the soil. Next we drew our boarders, planted the seed, applied Excelerite, lightly disked and irrigated.

Planting Schedule

Pre- Irrigate: 10/06/09 to 10/08/09
Disc/ Clean up: 10/13/09, 10/23/09, and 10/27/09 Plant Barley Seed: 10/30/09
Apply ExceleriteTM: 10/30/09
Light Disc: 10/30/09
Irrigate: 11/05/09 thru 11/07/09


Plant: 2.24 Acres with Barley Solum @ 100 lbs. per acre
Excelerite application: 500 lbs. per acre or approx. 24 bags +/-
Overall planting: 7 acres total planted to Barley in 25 plots (area between borders). All
plots measure 350’ x 40’ with the exception of plot #1 & 25, these
two measured 350’ x 20’.
Plots with Excelerite application are; Plot #’s 2, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22 & 23 7plots total.


As you can see in the pdf below, without the use of Excelerite the plot was very poor, the Barley is uneven and it only grew in spots but most of all after it never topped. Solum Barley can attain a height of 40 inches depending on the growing conditions. In the other two photos show the plots with using Excelerite were green, full and most of all not 40” but close to 60” tall and had beautiful tops. None of the test plots used NPK and the plots were only irrigated for 3 days.